Tuesday, April 15, 2014

All Hands to the Prow Line! - Only 16 hours left!

Image © Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford.
"Towing Thesiger's tarada." Marshes, 1956, by WIlfred Thesiger. Every DHL shipment to or from Iraq costs a minimum of $130, so we do as much of the lab work in Iraq as we can. However, although U. Basra's infrastructure is improving, some tests just cannot be run there. Therefore, each trip we take, we load up with as many samples as we can possibly carry. If funds are not immediately available, I store them for future processing. That means that we already have some baseline (controls) ready to poke, prod, dissolve, scan, and otherwise coax into meaningful results.At the risk of sounding like a PBS pledge drive, if we make it to $4250, we get the max allowable match from our university.  Only 16 hours left to help move some sediment out of my refrigerator!