Sunday, June 19, 2011

Royal Jordanian Baby Boom

There are always a lot of kids on flights to Jordan. It is, after all, a kid-friendly society. But this trip was as densely packed as a public playground. A veritable caravan of strollers, orbited by an asteroid field of wild-eyed small boys clamoring for one another's attention, awash in a neon halo of small girls in day-glo pink. So many, in fact, that "pre-boarding" had to be called by rows.
Amazingly, after the initial ear-splitting settling in it was quiet flight. Breast-fed babies dropped straight to sleep; their good-humored older siblings entertained themselves with a variety of electronic gadgets. Then, after dinner, the whole planeload settled in for communal slumber. A sort of aero-village, more entertaining than the crap videos on offer.