Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A Fond Farewell

Durham, North Carolina.
As many of you have noted, I stopped blogging on my return to Amman from Baghdad. During the interim I was winding down my involvement in the USAID-Iraq HEAD program, which I departed at the end of my contract year (31 October 2004). I wish USAID-Iraq HEAD, and Stony Brook U., every success.

While all postings were always my own, I wish to be clear that I no longer have any affiliation with SBU or USAID-HEAD. Beginning tomorrow I will try to fill in some of the missing dates from my paper diaries, and add new posts. Note that I do think carefully about the security implications of my posts: public individuals in Iraq, by virtue of their position, are presumeably already known to people who might wish them ill. But in a public forum I do attempt to refer to events, gatherings, etc. that might be targets only in the past tense. I'd be happy to discuss them in more detail offline.

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